Kettle Volume

Kettle Diameter
Expansion adjustment %

Volume to Depth
Volume of liquid
Depth of liquid  
Depth heated  
Depth cooled  

Depth to Volume
Depth of liquid
Volume of liquid  
Volume heated  
Volume cooled  


Starter DME Requirement

DME gravity potential points / lb / gallon
Desired starter gravity points
Starter size
DME required  


What's the biggest beer I can mash in my mash tun?

Mash tun total capacity
Deadspace under false bottom
Mash thickness
Amount of grain mashable  

Batch size
Efficiency %
Specialty grain/adjuncts not adding to OG
Estimated max OG   points


Electric Heating Element Calculations

Element wattage Watts
Element output   BTU / hr
Current draw at 120v   Amps
Current draw at 240v   Amps
Liquid volume to heat
Vessel Heat Retention %
Starting Temp
Finishing Temp
Time to reach temp   Minutes